Dr. Charles Dunnill

Charlie heads up the Sustainable Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Group at Swansea and has interests in the use of hydrogen as an alternative  energy vector.   Charlie got his PhD from Glasgow University and then went on to do 6 years in London at UCL as a post-doc and Ramsay Fellow, before moving to Swansea.

Charlie started the HYENA Network in response to a GCRF funding call in 2018 and has grown it since, obtaining new network partners and funding where possible. As a scientist and engineer, Charlie is developing technology that could be used in HYENA solutions alongside the research from other network members.

CWD is a Chartered Scientist and Chemist, associate editor for RSC Advances.  He spends his spare time keeping bees and playing canoe polo, which is likened to 5 a side rugby in boats with hitting sticks.


Charlie's philosophy and technology allow excess solar energy in Africa to be stored as hydrogen gas.  Cheap and efficient alkaline electrolysers can convert the renewable energy and water into hydrogen and oxygen which can then be fed into an inbound grid, cleaned and sent out for use in various applications.